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Our People

We take pride in what we do here at LTS, and we always take care of our people. Excellent customer service is one of our core values. From the moment you walk in the door to the very last sip we want you to feel comfortable in our space, leave with a smile, and look forward to your next visit. All of our staff uphold our core values each and every day, reflecting that in all aspects of LTS. 


Beer To-Go

We want you to be able to enjoy your happy place, wherever that is! We offer a variety of to-go beer and soda options in the taproom including growlers, crowlers, and 750ml bottles.


Off-sale ends at 10 p.m. sharp!

Patio Space

We have a great outdoor patio space and a heated tent that is pet-friendly! We love seeing our four-legged friends on the patio and we even have "dog hitching stations" where you can hook their leash to while you enjoy a pint. Get some sunshine while you sip on a refreshing craft beer or soda!