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Do you have gluten reduced products?

YES! Karma, our Kölsch, is brewed with malts that contain gluten. We then use a product called Clarity Ferm that breaks apart gluten protein chains. It can't be considered gluten-free because of the cross contact in the brewery, but it is less than 10ppm which is below the testable threshold. All of our sodas are manufactured without gluten, however, they are made in our brewery which means there is cross-contact with malts and other ingredients which do contain gluten. All of our products are also served behind the bar in shared glassware with gluten products.

Can I return my Growler?

The Howlers and Growlers are yours to keep - they cannot be returned. The state of Minnesota does not allow us to reuse them for other customers with out caustic cleaners that we do not have on site. Due to COVID-19 we are NOT refilling howlers/growlers at this time. Consider purchasing a new one or getting a recycleable crowler can!

Will you make a donation to my favorite cause?

We all have our passions and causes we like to support, including us! We currently focus on three main local organizations that we're passionate about here at LTS in order to make the greatest impact. We currently support The Boys & Girls Club, Paws & Claws Humane Society, and CureSearch. We will only be making donations to these causes at this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Are you hiring?

We're always willing to find room on our staff for great people! If you're interested in working for us and love beer as much as we do check out our "jobs" page or send a resume to

How does Trivia Tuesday work?

Just show up the night of and we'll instruct you on how to use our new mobile app platform! Trivia nights are focused around a specific theme each week. Teams can be 1-6 people with 3 rounds, average of 10 questions per round. If you win a round you get 10% off your drinks and if you win the entire thing your team gets a $30 gift card!

Are dogs allowed?

Service dogs are welcome in the taproom, heated tent, and on the patio. Friendly, well behaved dogs are allowed on the patio and in the heated tent but not in the taproom.

Do you have free WIFI?


Do you serve food?

We are now serving out of our mobile food trailer "LTS Fresh" Thurs-Sat 4-8p.m. We are dedicated to offering culinary experiences that can only be achieved by preparing food using the freshest, most nutritious, high-quality ingredients. We are also in support of sourcing food that is local & sustainable whenever possible. We do have other food trucks that come out and serve our customers frequently, just check out our FOOD page on our website or our "Events" page on our Facebook. You're always welcome to bring in your own food or order delivery - we do have some menus available in the taproom. If you're a food truck looking to serve at LTS, please check out our FOOD page to set up some dates!

When did LTS open?

We first opened our doors on August 4th, 2015!

Do you offer brewery tours?

At this time we do not offer any regular brewery tours. If you have any questions about our brew system or the process feel free to ask the taproom staff or send us an email to

Can I bring children to the taproom?

Yes! We're very family-friendly here at LTS and even offer craft soda flights! The craft soda is non-alcoholic and caffeine-free. Bring your own board games or participate in BINGO & trivia nights for a great family night out!

Can I bring in wine, cider, gluten free beer, etc.?

NO - we take pride in having a variety of beers from light to fruity to dark & boozy! We strongly encourage you to branch out and try our beer - even if you're not a beer drinker. Our licensing only allows us to carry our own beer (no liquor or wine) and we cannot let customers self-serve their own alcoholic beverages for liability reasons.

What does "LTS" stand for?

Life's Too Short!

Do you offer a public service discount?

YES! All military, fire, & police get a 20% discount. We just require an ID of some sort that shows this.