Our Beers

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  • Bock Bock Bock – Bock
  • Tequilamonkingbeer – Barrel Aged Belgian Golden Strong
  • Illumination – Belgian-style IPA
  • Karma – Kölsch
  • Inspiration – American IPA
  • Janus – Belgian-style Blond
  • Strawberry Wheat – American Wheat w/ Fruit
  • BA Endeavor – Barrel-Aged Imperial Brown Ale
  • DeLarge – Imperial Milk Stout
  • End of the Hike – Cream Ale
  • Mango Früchte – Fruited Berliner Weisse
  • Hazy Shade of Summer – Pale Ale (7/20)
  • 750ml Bottles Available: Phyllis, Tequilamonkingbeer, DeLarge, Oatmeal, Devotion, Trinity

beer archive

Karma – Kölsch (gluten-reduced)

ABV 5.1% / IBU 25

Kölsch is a bright, straw-yellow beer originating in Cologne, Germany. This style has mild hop character, being less bitter than a standard German pale lager. Brewed in the style of an ale, but cold-conditioned in the style of a lager, this clean, refreshing beer is a good starter for those newer to craft beer.

FUN – Belgian-style Blond

ABV 6.9% / IBU 27

Similar to a Belgian Tripel but lower alcohol and bitterness to make it easier to drink, this beer is a bright golden color with low hop character and lots of delicious flavor and aroma from Belgian Trappist yeast varieties.

Inspiration – American IPA

ABV 6.4% / IBU 60

Our IPA is crafted from a combination of American and New Zealand hops, both in the kettle and in the fermenter, to provide an intense hop flavor and aroma to accompany a pleasant bitterness and strong malt backbone.

See the style profile for this beer

El Dorado – Golden Ale

ABV 6.2% / IBU 44

This beer is considered a “playground” because our brewmaster uses it as a base for testing out new hop and malt varieties. Check out the chalkboard to see what varieties we are using today!

Bumbler – Brown Porter

ABV 5.7% / IBU 29

A little more bitter and toastier than a brown ale, this recipe walks the line between American Brown Ale and a Brown Porter.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal Stout

ABV 4.9% / IBU 32

Slightly sweeter than a dry stout, but less-so than milk stout, our creamy, toasty oatmeal stout is almost like eating an oatmeal cookie – without all the chewing.

Petite Saison D’Ete – Belgian-style Saison

ABV 5.5% / IBU 24

Extremely light in color and very dry yet refreshing, this Belgian style keeps you coming back for more.

Petite Saison D’Ete (2016) – French-style Saison

ABV 5.0% / IBU 25

Dry and refreshing saison brewed for the hot summer days. We updated this recipe for 2016, using a French Saison yeast, European Pilsner malt, and a touch of wheat and Munich malts.

Browncoat American Brown Ale

ABV 5.1% / IBU 24

Brown ale with malty notes of chocolate & caramel up front, finishing slightly sweet and toasty.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete  – Northern German-style Altbier

ABV 5.1% / IBU 27

The Altbier is the darker sibling of our Kolsch. Caramel up front with hints of toffee as it finishes dry.  Our brewer is showing how big a geek he really is with the name on this one.

See the style profile for this beer

BruinBelgian-style Strong Dark

ABV 10.8% / IBU 28

A nice sipper on crisp fall evenings, the Bruin is a cross between an English Barleywine and a traditional Belgian dark strong ale. Its aroma of cherries and toffee gives way to sweet chocolate and
lingering treacle.

Petite Saison Framboise – Belgian-style Saison

ABV 5.1% / IBU 21

Aged on fresh raspberries, the Petite Saison Framboise has a subtle raspberry aroma and a puckeringly dry finish with notes of grapefruit, lemon zest and orange peel.

Madelia – American Pale Ale

ABV 6.0% / IBU 36

Hopped with 100 pounds of wet Cascade from a family hop farm near Madelia, this harvest ale displays mild citrus with the terroir of south-eastern Minnesota.

Saison d’Vie – Belgian-style Saison

ABV 7.5% / IBU 26

Bittered with classic German hops, Saison d’Vie starts off bold – orange, pepper, lemongrass – but finishes slightly spicy and dry.

Ugly Pumpkin – Pumpkin Ale

ABV 6.5% / IBU 20

What’s Fall without pumpkin? Subtle on the pumpkin flavors because too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing! We added touches of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. After fermentation, we tossed in a bit of vanilla to round the flavors. The result is creamy deliciousness. 

Introspection – American IPA  

ABV 6.7% / IBU 63

This version of an American IPA exhibits more maltiness and tropical citrus flavors than our flagship Inspiration. 

Illumination – Belgian-style IPA

ABV 6.5% / IBU 81

A generously late-hopped American IPA brewed with traditional Belgian yeast, this beer displays the typical fruity esters and spicy phenolics often found in Belgian Abbey ales.

Coaster Wagon – Irish Red Ale

ABV 5.6% / IBU 25

Americanized version of an Irish Red Ale with malty, roasty, chocolatey notes and a creamy mouth feel. Served on Nitro.

See the style profile for this beer

Trinity – Belgian-style Tripel

ABV 9.1% / IBU 48

Strong Belgian-style ale showcasing fruity esters and spicy phenolics of our Belgian yeast strains. Our version uses Sorachi Ace hops and finishes slightly sweet.

Hallucination – American Double IPA

ABV 9.3% / IBU 89

Inspiration cranked up to 11. Same hops, same malts, just way more of them.

Devotion – Belgian-style Dubbel

ABV 7.1% / IBU 23

This Belgian-style brown ale represents flavor of malty caramel, mild chocolate and dark fruits from a carefully chosen blend of malts, candi syrup, and Belgian yeast strain.

Quick Witted – Belgian-style Witbier

ABV 5.2% / IBU 26

A traditional Belgian-style witbier with a substantial amount of unmalted wheat, coriander, sweet & bitter orange peel.

Dunkelstiltskin – Munich-style Dunkel Lager

ABV 5.0% / IBU 23

Traditional dark Bavarian style lager with rich malt, bread crusts, mild nuttiness and toast flavors. We had to guess at a name for this one and were inspired by a German fairy-tale.

Biergarten – Helles Lager

ABV 4.8% / IBU 20

Made with 100% European Pils malt and German Northern Brewer Hops. A sweet aroma compliments a grainy-sweet malt flavor and a soft, dry finish. Best enjoyed outdoors!

Origin – Pale Ale

ABV 4.9% / IBU 37

This beer uses North Dakota malts and Cascade hops from Nebraska – both from small family farms hand selected by Jeff & Brandon, the owners here at LTS. This light pale ale is refreshing with grapefruit, citrus and floral notes.

Oktoberfest – Munich-style Marzen Lager

ABV 5.3% / IBU 26

Copper colored with a full-bodied maltiness, finishing a little spicy and dry. A classic beer for Fall!

Manoomin – Nut Brown Ale

ABV 5.7% / 27 IBU

One of our Fall seasonals, this Nut Brown is made with over 15% wild rice. The wild rice brings out fruity and nutty flavors that compliment a traditional Nut Brown recipe.

Falconer – Pale Ale

ABV 4.9% / 39 IBU

Brewed as a SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop), our brewers used pale malt from North Dakota and Falconer’s Flight, which is a blend by hop specialists in Yakima Valley that produces tropical, floral, lemon and grapefruit characteristics. Light body with a stiff bitterness.

Dunkelweizen – Dunkelweizen

ABV 5.4% / 16 IBU

Munich Dunkel meets Hefe Weizen. The Dunkelweizen is malty goodness combined with classic Weizen esters of banana and clove.

Ale to the Queen – American Red Ale

ABV 6.5% / 26 IBU

John Eischen’s winning Chili Challenge Homebrew Competition 2016 recipe! A single-hop beer made of Mosaic hops, with accents of citrus and grapefruit.

80/- – Scottish-style Ale

ABV 5.0% / 19 IBU

Sure, our take on the classic style may cost a bit more than 80/- per hogshead, but who buys beer by the hogshead anymore? Malt forward with notes of caramel and rich dark fruit from English ale yeast.

Weizenbock – Weizenbock

ABV 8.1% / 23 IBU

The big boy of the weizens. Dark. Wheaty. Fruity. Strong. The Weizenbock has notes of toffee, molasses and raisins.

Bock Bock Bock – Bock

ABV 7% / 20 IBU

Ha. Made ya talk chicken. Seven malts dominated by Dark German Munich fermented with a traditional bock lager yeast. Darker, complex malt flavors but very drinkable.

Hazy Shade of Summer – Pale Ale

ABV 5.4% / 39 IBU

This beer walks the line between a pale ale and a session IPA. Strong notes of lemon zest separate this beers hop character from the rest with a slight haze in its color.

Detente – Belgian-style Dark Strong Ale

ABV 11.7% / 35 IBU

In today’s hostile world, we could all use some detente. Belgian-style dark strong ale with a hint of dark fruit flavor.

Dia Festivo – Vienna Lager

ABV 5.4% / 25 IBU

Copper colored, malty, and toasted bread notes with a dry, crisp finish. Let’s celebrate the day!

Bière de Avant Gardener – Biere de Garde

ABV 7.0% / 28 IBU

Grand Round collaboration — We figured life’s getting hard in here so we’d do some Biere de Avant Gardening (together brewing a light ale that starts out a bit sweet and citrusy but finishes dry and slightly tart). Anything to take our minds away from where they’re supposed to be.

Phyllis – Belgian Golden Strong          

ABV 9.0% / 52 IBU

Like the Femme Fatale it’s named after, Phyllis is a beautiful but dangerous blonde. Following the philosophy that Belgians are best at their most simple, the malt bill is only Pilsner malt and sugar. Four additions of German Hallertau Blanc a wine-like fruitiness and plenty of Fatale bitterness.

Strawberry Wheat – American Wheat with Fruit

ABV 5.2% / 21 IBU

For the “fruity drink” lovers and craft beer connoisseurs alike…this beer has an aroma like walking through fresh strawberry fields with a light, refreshing taste!

Hefeweissbier – German-style Hefeweizen Ale

ABV 5.0% / 14 IBU

A traditional German-style made with 50% malted wheat.  Banana forward flavor with subtle clove hints – a light ale sure to quench your thirst!

Wanderer – Pale Ale             

ABV 5.1% / 37 IBU

A classic pale ale with a subtle citrus flavor and a smooth, slightly bitter finish.

Baldwin – Barrel Aged Scotch Ale with Coffee 

ABV 10.5% / 31 IBU

Coffee lovers rejoice! Your daily dose of coffee and beer all in one glass.  A dark, malty beer aged in bourbon barrels for when you need something a little stronger. Not for the faint at heart.

Baldwin – Barrel Aged Scotch Ale with Coffee

ABV 10.5% / 31 IBU

Coffee lovers rejoice! Your daily dose of coffee and beer all in one glass.  A dark, malty beer aged in bourbon barrels for when you need something a little stronger. Not for the faint at heart.

To The Quad – Belgian-style Dark Strong Ale

ABV 8.6% / 29 IBU

Dark fruits such as raisins, figs, and plums up front then finishing out sweet yet balanced.

Wake Up Call – American Pale Ale            

ABV 5.9% / 37 IBU

A substantial amount of wheat makes this hazy pale ale reminiscent of a Hefeweizen without the controversial banana & clove flavors. Light lemon citrus notes and subtle hop character make for a refreshing balance in this beer.

Go Big Rouge – Sour Red Ale          

ABV 6.1% / 16 IBU

This kettle-soured ale is slightly tart and juicy with subtle cherry notes. Aging on oak adds some additional complexity.

Barrel Aged Imperial Brown               

ABV 8.1% / 29 IBU

Complimentary notes of caramel shine through from the malts and
the whiskey barrels creating a balanced full-bodied brown ale.

Barrel Aged Devotion – Belgian Dubbel             

ABV 7.1% / 22 IBU

This Belgian Dubbel is full of dark fruit flavors & candi syrup sweetness
complimented harmoniously with the sweetness from the whiskey barrels.

Barrel Aged Ugly Pumpkin Ale             

ABV 6.5% / 20 IBU

The whiskey from the barrels mellows out the spices in the pumpkin
ale and the wood shines through for a pleasant oak flavor.

Barrel Aged Imperial Brown w/Toasted Coconuts & Chocolate 

ABV 8.1% / 29 IBU

Complimentary notes of caramel shine through from the malts and
the whiskey barrels creating a balanced full-bodied brown ale. We toasted coconut flakes and added those & chocolate for a sweet, smooth finish.

Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal w/Coffee & Chocolate 

ABV 8.5% / 51 IBU

This Imperial Stout is aged in whiskey barrels to create a smooth,
warming effect on your palate and has hints of cocoa on the finish. We then added dark roast coffee beans and chocolate for a mocha effect.

Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal w/Cherries & Chocolate 

ABV 8.5% / 51 IBU

This Imperial Stout is aged in whiskey barrels to create a smooth,
warming effect on your palate and has hints of cocoa on the finish. We then added a cherry blend & chocolate for a chocolate covered cherry effect.

Centennial – American IPA

ABV 6.5% / 55 IBU

Floral & citrus notes on the nose with lemon bursting through on your first sip. This simple grain bill lets the hops shine through showcasing it’s 100% centennial hop bill.

IDWIW – Belgian-style IPA

ABV 6.7% / 53 IBU

Two worlds collide combining classic Belgian yeast flavors with IPA bitterness. Juicilicious, Floriful, Grapefruitiness. Maybe I’m just making up words. Oh well, “I Do What I Want!”

Früchte – Fruited  Berliner Weisse

ABV 5.4% / 5 IBU

Fruity and floral scents come on strong on the nose then the heavy fruit taste with a clean, light finish. This sour beer is just what the doctor ordered for patio season. Rotating fruit flavor so check the taproom for the latest selection!

Zythos – American Pale Ale

ABV 5.5% / 38 IBU

100% zythos hops give it a piney aroma with tropical fruit flavors like grapefruit, pineapple, and tangerine. This hop blend was designed for hop forward flavor without all the bitterness.

DeLarge – Imperial Stout

ABV 9.0% / 66 IBU

Thick. Roasty. Chocolately. Strong. Decadent. Delicious. DeLarge.

OTC Pils – German Pilsner

ABV 4.9% / 34 IBU

Makes a sweet first impression but leaves a little bitter. Malty sweetness with a clean, mild hop bitterness on the finish. Get it “over the counter” at your local craft brewery!

How Now – Brown Porter

ABV 5.5% / 25 IBU

How now brown cow. How now brown cow. “How Now” Brown Porter. This 5.5% tall, dark, and handsome beer is confident you’ll love the notes of chocolate and roast its jazz flute has to offer.

Barrel-Aged Endeavor – Imperial Brown Ale

ABV 8.2% / 29 IBU

A malt oriented beer that’s not afraid to let you know it spent a year in a bourbon barrel.

What She’s Having – New England-style IPA

ABV 6.4% / 59 IBU

I’ll have what she’s having! This NEIPA has notes of tropical fruit, dankness, and a hint of coconut.

Amplification – American DIPA

ABV 8.8% / 91 IBU

New England meets West Coast! This DIPA has the haziness of a New England & bitterness of a West Coast IPA. Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy hops provide lemon, pine, and tropical notes.

BOM – Blood Orange Milkshake IPA

ABV 6.4% / 58 IBU

Have you ever had a milkshake IPA? BOM starts as a juicy New England style IPA, then gets a heavy dose of blood orange puree and Madagascar bourbon vanilla transforming the typical IPA flavor to something fruity and smooth.

Janus – Belgian-style Blond

ABV 6.8% / 32 IBU

She starts off smooth, grainy-sweet malt flavor, but leaves slightly dry with some hop and alcohol bitterness to balance that initial sweetness. Very soft yeast character and some lightly caramelized sugar sweetness lingers on your palate.