Our Sodas

Root Beer

Brewed right here at LTS Brewing, our root beer combines extracts of secret herbs and spices combined with caramelized sugar. Sweet and fizzy with a hint of spice for a spicy-sweet fizzy treat!

Orange Cream

Made from orange extract, pure vanilla, real sugar, and local honey, this soda reminds us of the creamy orange ice cream treats from our childhood.

 Cream Soda            (Rotating Flavor)

Our cream soda uses pure vanilla, real sugar, and local honey to take cream soda to another level of delicious.

Cherry Cream            (Rotating Flavor)

Cream soda with cherries. A delicious partnership.

Lemonade            (Rotating Flavor)

A classic summer staple. Sweet, fizzy, lemony.

 Honey Lemonade            (Rotating Flavor)

A new twist on a classic summer staple. Sweet, fizzy lemon with Minnesota honey.

Cranberry             (Rotating Flavor)

Slightly tart, always refreshing.

Ginger Ale            (Rotating Flavor)

Refreshingly light with a mild ginger spiciness.

Grape            (Rotating Flavor)

Exactly how purple should taste.

Mixed Berry            (Rotating Flavor)

Fruity and blue. Happiness in a glass.

Strawberry Kiwi            (Rotating Flavor)

Delicate strawberry with a hint of kiwi.

Questions about Gluten?

All of our sodas are manufactured without gluten, however, they are made in our brewery which means there is cross-contact with malts and other ingredients which do contain gluten. All of our sodas are also served behind the bar in shared glassware with beer.