Our Sodas

Brewed right here at LTS, we have a wide variety of flavors from traditional to unusual. With five sodas on tap every day, you’ll find something to satisfy your thirst. Try a pint or a flight. Or fill a howler or growler to bring home.

always on tap

Root Beer

Butter Beer

Orange Cream

rotating flavors

Lime Ginger Mule

Harvest Spice

Cran Ginger Ale

Black Cherry

Cherry Cream


Cream Soda

Ginger Ale


Honey Lemonade


Mixed Berry


Strawberry Kiwi

Tiger’s Blood (strawberry/watermelon/coconut)

All of our sodas are manufactured without gluten. However, they are made in our brewery which means there may be cross-contact with malts and other ingredients which do contain gluten. All of our sodas are also served behind the bar in shared glassware with beer.

None of the sodas contain dairy products or caffeine.