LTS Craft Reserve Club

There are no more 2017-2018 memberships available. Check back in May 2018 to get in on the club!

one of us

We love making beer — the malt aroma during mashing, the hops smell when weighing them out, the flavors of the finished brew, the buzz that it brings. We love the everyday styles, like kolsch and pale ale, and the more extremes, like barrel-aged coffee stouts and sour Belgian quads.

We also love sharing beer and geeking out about it, especially with family, friends and those who are as passionate about suds as we are.

For you fellow beer nerds out there,we created the LTS Craft Reserve Club.

drink free beer

Free reserve pour upon signing up

Pilot Batches:

  • 1 FREE 6oz pour of each pilot batch
    • We ask that you fill out a feedback form for us
  • Additional pours available for purchase
    • Max of 6 per day

drink rare beer

LTS Brewing regularly releases especially geeky beers, from Belgian quads aged with kriek to Jack Daniels-barrel-aged weizenbock. While we bottle most of it, we keg some to share with Craft Reserve Club members in the taproom. Members can also buy special-release bottles before anyone else.

Craft Reserve:

  • Purchase 6oz pours
  • Purchase amount subject to limitation based on availability
    • Max of 6 per day
  • Early purchase of 750ml bottles

collude with us

Most brews at LTS Brewing begin with a pilot batch. This is where we try new things, tweak recipes and build the future. Craft Reserve Club members will have a chance to taste every experiment and provide feedback. Think the brown ale needs more caramel character? The Belgian pale ale not hoppy enough? This will be your chance to influence such decisions and drive the future of LTS Brewing.

be special

Throughout the year, LTS Brewing hosts beer-release parties, collaborates with local restaurants on beer dinners and throws the occasional “because we wanna” party. As LTS insiders, Craft Reserve Club members receive exclusive invitations to all events (extra cost might be involved, such as for beer dinners). We also throw a couple shindigs just for members.



Limited to 50 members for 2017-2018