Reality Always Wins

We have been LTS Brewing since 2013. The reality is the cost of doing everything we do has gone up during that time. The reality is we have to adjust our prices to continue doing what we do at LTS. The reality is we appreciate all of you supporting LTS and want to continue doing what we do with you.

The reality is, It’s about the beer.

We include the tax in our prices for convenience, but the reality is when the taxes go up we keep less of that price.

Thank you again for supporting LTS!

If you’re curious, here is a partial list of what goes in to every pint we serve at LTS:

  • water
  • grain
  • hops
  • yeast
  • brewer labor
  • gas costs
  • electric costs
  • CO2
  • boiler license
  • city license
  • state license
  • label fee
  • fed tax
  • state tax
  • sales tax
  • payroll tax
  • rent
  • maintenance fees
  • server labor
  • liability insurance
  • property insurance
  • sprinkler monitoring
  • RPZ inspection
  • fire extinguisher inspection
  • merchant fees
  • CPA fees
  • sprinkler inspection
  • unemployment fees
  • workers comp