Happy 1 Year Anniversary LTS! -Jeff

The Fun Continues

Thinking about this post on our first year I considered several titles:

“A Thousand Decisions”
“Happy Anniversary”
“One Down”
“Freshmen Year”
“We’re still here”
“Brewery startup 101”
“Two men in a Box, One year in a Life”

I settled on “The Fun Continues” because that sums up the best of the year for LTS.

Fun is:

  • One of our first brews and continues to be a favorite with the staff and customers, leading to endless puns about “Fun”.
  • The thing we have experienced all year long getting to know the LTS community.
  • The sarcastic label we use for the daily challenges we encounter running a production brewery in Rochester.
  • What we have had all across the country as we get to know other brewers and brewing communities.

The past year has been great fun. We have had excellent co-workers in both the taproom and brewery. Some of them choosing to leave LTS to pursue other opportunities and it has been fun to watch them succeed. This allowed for the fun task of bringing on new LTS staffers. We have been lucky to get to know them all.

We have you, awesome customers that frequent LTS, always here to have a good time.  We have fun talking with you when we have time. We have been frequented by inspiring food vendors with their delicious fare that pleases a hungry crowd. We have experienced numerous happy hours, club events, retirement parties and fund raising events. All fun times.

We have had educational sessions and community brew days that promote the LTS goal of making better beer. How could this not be fun?

We have more on our To Do lists then we could ever get done in a year but the things we have accomplished have been well received and this too is fun. We have upgraded our patio and added a party tent. We have removed the party ten when a storm took it down one Saturday, Fun! We get to replace the party tent after a few months of use, Fun. We have added motorcycle parking and bike racks, finally. Having folks ride their bikes to LTS, Fun.

There are numerous tasks planned and unplanned to running a production brewery beyond the obvious of making new and interesting brews, such as getting a boiler operators license and bringing the boiler back online last minute after unplanned shutdowns, keeping the HVAC unit heating or cooling at the right time, making repairs daily as things break or require maintenance, and so on just adds to the fun we have had this past year. We would not have survived the year without the help of family and friends stepping in to volunteer when needed, allowing the fun to continue.

Though we are often exhausted and looking for extra hours in the day, we have had the most Fun with Our People, Our Customers, and Our Community.

Thank you for a year of Fun,
The Other Guy