Brewer’s Update

Brewer’s Update

It seems like I’m always saying this, but it has been a busy couple weeks in the brewery so I’ve fallen down on my duty to provide style profiles at least a couple times a month.  I didn’t have time to put one together again this week, but thought I’d give an update on goings-on and let you know what to expect out of the brewery for the next couple months.

Jeff and I are getting ready to make our first trek to the national Craft Brewers Conference, which is being held in Philadelphia next week.  I’m excited to take in the seminars and the expo, as well as some of the local beer scene in Philly.  Getting ready for this trip, as well as the Rochester Craft Beer Expo this weekend and the AHA Big Brew we’re hosting next Saturday (May 7th) has consumed us.

Many of you have probably noticed some changes in the beer line-up the last few times you’ve been in the taproom.  We’re working on phasing in some new beers for spring and summer, which means some of our old favorites have to go to make room.  We recently have taken Saison d’Vie and Browncoat off-tap, and a couple others that were seasonal or one-off batches will be disappearing when they are gone as well.

Browncoat was replaced by a Belgian-style Dubbel, which is a medium-strength Belgian brown ale made with several different specialty malts and two different varieties of Belgian candi-syrup.  Saison d’Vie will be replaced by a lighter Petite Saison, made with a French Saison yeast this year (last year’s was a Belgian saison yeast blend).

I am trying to keep my IPA selection to around three on tap at one time, so when Hallucination is gone, we’ll replace it with a new batch of Introspection.  This batch was brewed with a slightly different hop combination than the previous batch, but everything else about the brew was unchanged.  I’m excited to try out the Citra+Galaxy hop combination here.  Look for Inspiration and Illumination to stick around through the summer.

Coaster Wagon was a seasonal brew we release for St. Patrick’s Day this year, so when that one runs out, it’s gone until next year.  Hope you enjoyed it!

It might seem like a lot of “goodbyes”, but there are also a few new and interesting beers to look forward to over the next couple months!

I brewed my first lager on the big system last week, and other than giving me some heartburn for a few days due to the long “lag time” between brew day and active fermentation (due to cooler lager fermentation temperatures), everything looks good.  The first lager is a Munich Dunkel style, which is basically a malt-forward brown lager, slightly darker than a typical Oktoberfest.  I’ll be following up this batch with a golden Munich Helles lager.

We also brewed a Belgian-style Witbier last night.  That should be ready to serve in about three or four weeks, based on the pilot batch.  Witbier is a nice, slightly-fruity style that goes well with sitting on the patio in the sun.

And speaking of the patio – watch for updates in the next couple weeks on the plans for the patio and the big white tent you may have noticed out back.  I’m hoping the rest of you are as excited about the biergarten as I am!

Have a great weekend everyone, and hope to see some of you out at the Rochester Craft Beer Expo on Saturday.  Stop by and say “hi”!