Brewer’s Update

As I mentioned in my last update, several of us spent Saturday February 6th at the Minnesota State Fair grounds pouring beer for the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival event. This was the first time most of us had attended the event, much less poured beer there, so it was pretty interesting. They sold about 9000 tickets to the event, and there were probably about another 500+ volunteers and brewery representatives present. The weather turned out to be pretty nice and we had a great turnout at our table. We brought a firkin of Browncoat with cherries and cacao nibs, which was very popular, as well and three other beers.

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Valentine’s Day special! We had a pretty great turnout and saw lots of new faces in the taproom. We had Daube’s cupcakes and two infusions: Browncoat with cacao nibs on both raspberries and strawberries.

It’s really fun to try out new flavor combinations with the infusions. Last Thursday we did Inspiration on Oranges and Pineapple and it was a hit. Next time we’ll have to make more than five gallons! Tonight we will tap a keg of Illumination (our Belgian IPA) on Mangos. Coming up, watch for different infusions featuring blood oranges, chipotle peppers, peanut butter and a few other interesting ingredients!

As always, thanks for coming out and hanging with us in the taproom. Cheers!